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My Morning Cleaning Routine! Stay-At-Home-Mom

Hey everyone! In today’s video I share with you my morning cleaning routine. This is what I do every morning to keep my home nice and organized and clean. I hope this gives you some ideas and motivation clean and organize your home and if it did please give it a thumbs up and subscribe for more videos to come xo
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Landscaping Will Add Value to Your Home

Are you looking to sell your home in the near future? If so, you may be looking into various ways to increase the resale value of your home. Believe it or not, there are quite a few ways that you can improve the resale value of your home by concentrating on the space surrounding your home outside. This can include new garage doors, a new paintjob, and more. But did you know that landscaping can also effect the resale value of your home? If not, read on.

What Buyers Look For These Days

Believe it or not, buyers do look for and appreciate great landscaping and hardscaping around homes for sale. Often, they are not looking for anything flashy. What they want is landscaping that improves the overall look of the home, as well as the functionality of the outdoor space. You can improve both of these things around your home by hiring a professional lawn service. A lawn service can redesign your outdoor landscaping, if needed. They can also maintain your current yard outside your home, making sure it always looks its best.

Key Factors in a Landscape Design

So how can you find the best landscape design company in Hillsboro, OR? Start by searching through the yellow pages, as well as online. Once you have located several lawn services that serve your area, visit their webpages. What services do they offer? Do they give estimates? Are they located in your town? Look for reviews of them online, as well. What services offer the best in customer satisfaction? Narrow your list based upon this. Then, contact each of the services. If they give estimates, ask your top choices to estimate the cost of your job. Ask the highest and lowest price services why their prices are what they are. Then, choose.

And Even More Tips…

Want more tips on how to increase the resale value of your home? If so, ask your local homeowners’ association, as well as your local realtor. Chances are, they can give you lots of ideas about how to increase the value and price of your home in Hillsboro or Beaverton. They can also let you in on tricks that may make your property more appealing to potential buyers in the area. If you are not already working with a realtor service, consider contacting or hiring one. These professionals can help you to sale your home for a higher price, faster.

Dealing with House Cleaning Work

Having just moved to a new home in Salem, Oregon, we were evaluating what chores we could do ourselves. Cleaning a house can be a very tedious work for those with little time to spare. However, with some house cleaning tips, you can spend little time. You also need to have good skills in time management. Spending a whole day cleaning your house is not a nice thing, considering that you really sometime to rest and have fun outside. There are several ways you can do house cleaning easily and within a short time.

Set time:

This allows you to work within a limited time. Having a timer is a simple way to push yourself to do some house cleaning within your time limits. You can set to be two hours, three hours or any duration you want. This motivates you and you do everything to finish the task within that time. Most likely you will sweat within that time but you house will be properly cleaned up.

Play You Favorite Music:

You can put your favorite jams in the house as you do the cleaning. Sing along with your music or even dance as you rapidly do the cleaning. This acts as self motivation and leads to maximum concentration in the task. This means that you clean as you have fun; you will definitely not feel tired because music will be there to let you forget it. Try this tip next time you plan to clean your house as it takes very short time.

Include other household members:

You can ask other members in the house to assist you to clean your house. You can also hire a house cleaner who is trained to do residential house cleaning with a very short time. A combined effort will see you finish the task faster than if you were to do it alone. Working together motivates you and you are not likely to give up before you complete the task.

Use Biodegradable Bags and Products:

This is very good to collect floor sweepings. Take the garbage to the garbage bin outside your house. Ensure all the trash is collected and disposed appropriately.
Cleaning your house is not a tiring process nowadays. It is easier and takes very short time. If you can achieve the level of cleanliness you want, you can go ahead and hire a house cleaning service, such as The Cleaning Authority in Salem, OR. Let them know the time limits you want the task to be completed. They will ensure that your house is clean within the time you have instructed them.